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About Secoin

One of the first limited companies in Vietnam founded in 1989, with nearly 30 years of experience in researching and manufacturing non-burnt building materials, especially artistic cement tile, paver and roof tiles;

A system of 9 member companies and 6 production factories to form the biggest cement tile and paver producer in Vietnam using equipment from world-leading manufacturers such as OCEM, Casani, Breton (Italy), Rometa (Spain), MASA-Handuk (Germany-Korea), Nakano (Japan), …;

A "King for outdoor tile" with a range of floor tile, roof tile, paver under Secoin trademark consisting of 11 product categories and hundreds of models which are so diversified in patterns, sizes, colours,... to be used for various application in construction and interior-exterior decoration;

A company who is consider “the preserver of Vietnam traditional encaustic cement tile”;

A manufacturing system with advanced management tools such as ISO-9001:2008, Kaizen, 5S,… which were supervised and certified by Japanese experts;

An experienced workforce and a strong center for technology researching and developing who always target to the criteria "Always original" for Secoin products;

A professional distribution channel for domestic and foreign markets - not only sold in Vietnam, the products have also been exported regularly to nearly 50 countries over 5 continents since 1999;

Those are the prominent features to describe Secoin - the leading company of South East Asia in the field of cement and concrete building material production - who has been considered by the Ministry of Construction and Vietnam Building Material Association as the one creating and developing the non-burnt building material industry of Vietnam.

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Making environment-friendly products, protecting the global climate and creating recycled products is the criteria of developed countries - it is also the criteria for Secoin during the course of our production
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